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We are dedicated to delivering meaning from your data!
We will not use stats as a drunk uses a lamppost - Andrew Lang

What is data without meaning? How do we move from the fog of data and paralyses that exist from it to a future where the right data to make the right decision is readily available, accurate and on-time?

Our goal is not to be yet another in a stream of analytic vendors and big data oil salesman, but more to be a partner in your data needs.

Whether you are a small family owned shop looking to better understand the world how your best customers are getting to you, a medium size ecommerce / retail firm looking to up your marketing or web game or a group within a large firm that just needs a bit of extra analytic hands, we are here to help!

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    One off, ongoing support or consulting

  • Reporting

    Custom reporting solutions and tools


    Web or Office automation / applications


    Team and Strategy planning, building and presentations

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