Who Am I?

If you are a nerd, live to be a father, blessed to be a husband and in constant pursuit of extending your limits, well meet your doppelganger.

My name is Jon Frampton.
I have a passion for a few things.
I love my family, there is no length I will not go to see my children laugh and my wife smile!
I love my work, I work on the principle that putting hard time in will yield results, in my case the results usually present themselves in terms of better decisions at leadership and operational levels that cascade down eventually improving the lives of those involved with the company.
I love my fitness, the ebbs and flows of pushing yourself beyond physical and mental limits to then fall off, get caught up in the rest of life and have to fight your way back, never giving up!

I do NOT love Melanoma, but I am incredibly passionate about the community of amazing people that are touched by this beast of a disease.
I do love Autism, odd enough it brought me my son who is the most kindhearted soul I have ever met and although it is sometimes hard fought, the good times are that much sweeter.

What is this site?

This is a site like so many others, a mix of personal micro blogging, lengthy in-depth well researched articles (when I have time), code snippets and reasoning and general commentary about life through my eyes.

It is also a platform for side work, I am always looking for opportunities that will expand my knowledge and challenge me!, drop my a line if you want to chat