Why do you need analytic help?

You have been running your business successfully, no need to bring in some outsider to dig into your numbers, right? Wrong, there is tremendous value in an objective party paying very close attention to your data, gleaming insights that insiders or even yourself may be biased to see. No one wants to identify the bad seed, call out the employee not pulling their weight, make the hard recommendation around lines of business, that is except for someone who is only focused on the numbers with no subconscious ties to leadership.

Your business may be on an upswing, things change, better to be investing in greater understanding of trends and leading indicators of change than to be scrambling to catch up after markets change.

You may be struggling to understand:

Why talk with me?

  1. You know you need a greater understanding, but are not ready to build the skills or team internally.
  2. You have some theories and want some analytic rigor in testing them ahead of implementation.
  3. You are ready to build your data ninjas, but are not sure where to start.
  4. You don’t want to mess with this stuff but want the value.
  5. You have a need for some internal assistance to get out of the weeds.

This is when you need to work with me!

* Not ready to go full in on a team? We can provide part-time analytic support!

* Ready to test the waters on some business theories? We can jump, build some simulations and arm you with real data!

* Ready to build your own team? We have built successful teams in multiple industries covering basic reporting to advanced analytics!

* Just want the insights! This is where we really shine, by outsourcing this work to us we will handle the mess and deliver the rest to you!

* Need to get caught up? We jump in ready to roll and get you and your team working less than 80 hour weeks!

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